Murano Glass Earrings

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Venetian murano glass jewelry by Marrine Gioielli. Exclusive jewelry from Italy. Unique Venetian glass design is well-known all over the world by its internal beauty and precious look. Exquisite murano glass is produces in Venice, on famous Murano Island. In our Internet shop you can buy Murano glass earrings in different colors and design. Fully made by man Italian jewelry is highly valued because of its quality. Our clients love the glass of Venice, because our jewelry makes them feel more attractive and more beautiful. Venetian Murano earrings handmade from Venetian murano glass beads, filled with 925 pure silver or 24K gold leaf. Some of our Murano jewelry earrings are decorated with silver plated beads or Swarovski crystals. Murano earrings are offered in different Italian glass blowing techniques. You can buy online murano jewelry in sommerso, avventurina, filigree and other style. There are some jewelry collections that are created with special blown Venetian glass beads.
Affordable Venetian glass jewelry is possible. Buy online murano glass earrings in Marrine Jewelry online shop. Our jewelry collections are full of matching items; so, you can easy find murano glass bracelet, ring or Venetian necklace to your earrings. Murano glass earrings will be ideal jewelry gift idea for any occasion. Due to good product range it is easy to prepare a present of gift to someone loved. Every woman is dreaming to get jewelry gift on Christmas, Valentine’s Day or at her birthday. We recommend wearing Venetian glass jewelry for a cocktail party or for formal event. Marrine Gioielli designs jewelry to match not only dressy outfit, but also casual. We recommend buying Venetian murano glass earrings with other matching jewelry to complete the look.
Stylish and finest murano glass earrings are sparkling like diamonds. This effect insured by precious metals that are used during the glass glowing. Pieces of 24K gold, platinum and 925 silver are used to produce authentic Venetian murano glass. This gives additional shimmer to the jewelry. It is easy to combine Venetian Murano earrings with fine jewelry or any other fashion bijoux. Note, our Venetian murano glass earrings doesn't contain any detrimental components, such as lead or other chemical elements, moreover, all our components are nickel-free, as required by the regulation 93/27/CEE. Buying affordable Venetian murano glass jewelry earrings online you are entering to Customer Privilege program that gives you many benefits and opportunities to buy jewelry with special prices. Venetian murano glass from Venice.