Murano glass jewelry


Venetian glass techniques


Colours, techniques and materials vary depending upon the look a glassmaker is trying to achieve. Aquamarine is created through the use of copper and cobalt compounds, whereas ruby red uses a gold solution as a colouring agent.

A sample of murine jewelry technique

Venetian glass Murrine jewelry



Murrine technique begins with the layering of colored liquid glass, which is then stretched into long rods called canes. When cold, these canes are then sliced in cross-section, which reveals the layered pattern. The better-known term "millefiori" is a style of murrine that is defined by each layer of molten color being molded into a star, then cooled and layered again. When sliced, this type of murrine has the appearance of many flowers, thus mille- (thousand) fiori (flowers).

Murrine or Millefiori means that glass is made from colored crosscut slices of glass inserted in the middle of the main glass rod before blowing. Murrine usually is recognized around the murano lovers by the typical mosaic design.


Murano jewelry with pure gold and silver

Murano glass jewelry

Filigree, glass engraving, gold engraving, incalmo, lattimo, painted enamel, ribbed glass and submersion are just a few of the other techniques a glassmaker can employ.

Filigrana is Murano glass technique when glass rods fused together and after it is blown and shaped. This type of glass is recognized by diamond pattern. The glass is twisted while blowing. Read more about Venetian glass history.


Murano glass jewelry in Sommerso technique

Murano glass jewelry


Sommerso or "sunken glasses", is a form of artistic Murano glass that has layers of contrasting colors (typically two), which are formed by dipping the object in molten glass; the outermost layer, or casing, is often clear. Sommerso was developed inMurano during the late thirties and was made popular by Seguso d'Arte in the fifties. This process is a popular technique for vases, and is sometimes used for sculptures.

You may find several jewelries in this technique in our shop. Sommerso means that jewelry has several layers of uncolored glass with the application of gold foil as the one of the layer. When the multiple color layers are applied appears the effect iridescent and shimmering. The creation of such jewelry depends from the murano master experience and skill.


Blown murano glass jewelry

Blown murano glass jewelry


Blown glass

Murano blown beads are produced by blowing the glass. This glassblowing is called the Filigrana. To produce these beads with stripes of color and spirals, glass-makers lay canes of glass down then pick them up with a blow-pipe.


Avventurina glass

Avventurina - Venetian murano glass jewelry

This murano glass is very popular due to its beautiful sparkling colors. The design is achieved with small pieces of copper. The cupper may be use in different color to create fantastic Avventurina murano jewelry. Avventurina reminds us the pieces of gold in glass jewelry.Time to tine chrome also is added into the glassmaking process and slowly crystallized out of the melted glass. That is why jewelry made in Avventurina style looks beautiful and has a glittering. Avventurina in Italian language means fortune or chance.