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Benefits buying from us

Buying the murano and amber jewelries from “Marrine Gioielli” online store you will be inspired by original design and unique amber jewelries as some of them exist only in one of its kind sample. Be sure to receive many complements!

“Marrine Gioielli” murano jewelries such as bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings are created and followed by its original style that makes you feel special among others. The senses of classic and fashion at the same time add impressive look to any outfit and believe, you will stand out from the crowd! 

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Advantages of registration

Once you are register and complete your profile with correct shipping information you are free from formalities each time you are shopping and ordering. The registration creates your profile and grants you the free of charge participation in Customer Privilege Program. Please see details in the next chapter. You may manage your profile, discount vouchers, create a wish list, get special offers and update the information at any time from any place.



Customer Privilege Program

By becoming the customer of “Marrine Gioielli” you are entering to the long-term Customer Privilege Program that gives many benefits.

First of all, once your first purchase is made your will receive the discount voucher for your next purchase. This can be viewed in your profile. Moreover, each time your order exceed 100 EUR you will receive the complementary jewelry gift from us!

Secondly, time-to-time you will receive special offers from us prepared only for you; you may see those offers in your profile by logging in. Entering the customer zone you may manage your personal profile by reviewing the purchase history, update your information, wish list and manage your discount vouchers.

Be sure, you will always be informed about new arrivals and special jewelry offers on Valentines and Christmas!

In third, you will get the permanent discount at all your orders in time when your purchase history exceeds 500 EUR. All the granted discounts, offers and vouchers can be viewed at your profile.



Choosing the murano jewelry and Baltic Amber jewelry

We recommend you to start with reviewing your style and outfit; is it classic or modern, bright and passionate or tender and sensitive? This point will always be decisive buying the jewelry. Take a moment to thing about the colors you love and place where are you going to wear the murano jewelry. Pay attention to the color of your outfit: for example, wear monochrome dress with colorful murano jewelries or conversely, be careful with colorful jewelries preferring the colorful outfit.

“Marrine Gioielli” offer murano jewelries for the different occasions, so you are always be on top if take the right decision concerning the time and place: party, work, traveling, casual etc.

Note, that glass Jewelry, especially murano glass, is always looking impressive when many pieces are worn. Believe, you will forget the amount you spent, but you will always feel joy by wearing jewelries you love.



Buying the Jewelry

Take a time, enjoy the jewelry collections, it is very easy to browse the website! For more effective results use category’s search and tag cloud on your left.

Just select the Jewelry you like and click on “buy jewelry” button next to the jewelry description. You may compare the Jewelries if you like several by using “Compare” tool. Once you click “buy jewelry” button your chosen jewelry appears in “Shopping Cart” where you may manage or change your purchases. Click on “Checkout” button to login to your profile or precede the registration if you are buying at the first time. During the “Checkout” you may choose the Shipping method: economical or priority. You will be navigated to PayPal to complete the transaction.



About our Amber jewelries and amber stones

Genuine Baltic Amber, that is used in our jewelries, is fossilized tree resin, which has been appreciated for its color and natural beauty since Neolithic times. Baltic ambers are thought to be fossil resins from Sciadopityaceae family plants that used to live in north Europe. Because it originates as a soft, sticky tree resin, amber sometimes contains animal and plant material as inclusions.
Amber occurs in a range of different colors. As well as the usual yellow-orange-brown that is associated with the color "amber", amber itself can range from a whitish color through a pale lemon yellow, to brown and almost black. Yellow amber is a hard, translucent, yellow, orange, or brown fossil resin from evergreen trees. 
In comparison to many other shops the Amber stones in our jewelries differs with original virgin form that is maintained throw grinding and polishing only without any change to its natural properties. We guarantee the genuine origin of our amber stones.



Jewelry care instruction

Always store your murano jewelry or amber jewelry in original jewelry box. This prevents your jewelry from direct sunlight and dust. Please, keep it separately from one another in separate boxes or suede bags. While the travelling keep your jewelry in travel box or use suede bags.

In order to maintain the luster please put anti-tarnish strips in your storage box to absorb the oxidants that may discolor and tarnish jewelry.  

Always keep your amber jewelry clean. Regularly clean it with dry and soft cotton fabric and use polishing cloth for best results. Put off your jewelry while doing tasks like cleaning, gardening or taking the shower. It might damage the polishing, structure and even broke.

Do not wear the jewelry going to sleep, swimming pool or sports. Please avoid the contact of perfume, make-up, hairsprays with your jewelry, we suggest to put on the jewelry after applying the makeup. The content of your cosmetics may react and cause damage of the jewelry. Keep and store your jewelry away from children attention, as jewelries may consist of small pieces and parts. You will receive the complete care instruction with your chosen jewelry.



Shipping information

Be sure, your jewelry comes in original jewelry box and is properly packed. Packages are generally dispatched within 2 days after receipt of payment. The Standard International Shipping is applicable to all orders and the shipping cost is always viewed at your shopping cart. You may upgrade she shipping method to Express Mail Service while checkout. We will provide you with a link to track your package online.

Note that shipping to PO boxes is not available and you shall have a real shipping address to receive the order. We can’t be responsible for the delivery if your shipping information is not complete or not correct, so please be careful in typing and spelling during the registration. You may always update the shipping information by login to your profile.



Gift-wrapping is always available

If you are looking for the present “Marrine Gioielli” is right place to explore. You are always welcome to use our gift-wrapping service free of charge. Just mark the check box at the checkout. Below the checkbox you may also leave a note to be placed to the present.



About something special

Anniversary, wedding, birthday, any special occasion… If after the browsing the website you can’t find murano or amber jewelry your heart wants please feel free to write us your wishes. Designers at “Marrine Gioielli” are very creative and are dedicated to fulfil the desires. Please use the form to contact us.




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