About Marrine Gioielli


Marrine Gioielli S.r.l. is exclusive design and finest selection of unique items existing in one of its kind sample. Our store presents the modern and fashion style jewelry for ladies.

The bright and sensual jewelries are dedicated to fill wishes with fashion, modern and glamour lifestyle. Our outstanding design makes a difference and gives extra sense of superiority.

Looking for the perfect gift?

Marrine Gioielli is the right store to explore! Full of Must-have items: eye-catching rings, beautiful bracelets, breathtaking and sparkling earrings, tender necklaces are expecting new owners.


Marrine Gioielli jewelry is handmade crafted in love, passion and high quality materials. The collections are full of Swarovski crystals, original Bohemian glass, Venetian murano. Jewelries are made from hypoallergenic metal, some unique details but not all of them are silver or gold plated.


If you looking for specific color and cannot currently find it at our store please contact us, Marrine Gioielli Studio may design special exquisite bracelet, ring or any other item only for you. We are always opened to new challenges and ideas.


Enjoy our store and discover the collection!



Marrine Gioielli