08/2012 - All my earrings

07/2012 - My perfume or my necklace?

06/2012 - Back to Pandora

05/2012 - Premium Murano glass

04/2012 - Dating...

03/2012 - Perfect bracelet

02/2012 - Love and passion on the way!

01/2012 - New collections are launched




Fashion Ring - Marrine Jewelry

All my rings...

How often do you open your jewelry box? Designers in Marrine Gioielli do it daily and each time are thinking about something new to create. Have a look to our fashion ring collection that is available in different colors. Choose any and you are the star of the party! All rings have adjustable size and perfectly look on the hand. Matchingearrings and bracelet insure the complete look. Take a time and enjoy the shopping therapy.


Perfume necklace - Murano Glass

My perfume or my necklace?

Marrine Gioielli presents new collection of fantastic Murano necklaces. Take your favorite perfume with you; it should not be a large bottle in the handbag anymore, but eye-catching, sparkling and sophisticated crystal vial in a form of diamond on the middle of this necklace. Necklaces are available in four attractive design and colors. Choose matching bracelet and earring to complete the look.


Pandora Jewelry

Back to Pandora

Pandora is the inner satellite of Saturn; always been a mysterious as woman. Have a look to new vision of Pandora Collection: unusual, sparkling and attractive as you are. Buy it as the gift for yourself and wear with any outfit. Bracelets and earrings of Marrine Gioielliunderline your overpowering and living beauty.


Murano Jewelry

Premium Murano Glass

Follow the new Murano Jewelry collections and enjoy the hottest arrivals! Murano jewelries from Marrine Gioielli are classic and modern at once. Have a look to Murano bracelets and earrings; we have created perfect design and good choice of Murano sets for you.


Jewelry for Dating - Marrine Jewelry


Looking for the jewelry for the dating? Marrine Gioielli is the right place for shopping. Explore our new collections of murano and crystal jewelry! 
Be sure, Equuleus bracelets and earring collection will make your look romantic. Presented in different colors.


Perfect bracelet - Marrine Gioielli

Perfect bracelet

Nothing makes your outfit so special as perfect fashion jewelry! Explore new collections of Marrine Gioielli bracelets that were inspired by tenderness. Haven blue color of Maia bracelet looks so gorgeous on the hand…Try on Meissa bracelet, it perfectly fits the hand and has eye-caching design. With Auriga bracelet you will beVIP person at the any party. Look for fashion rings, necklaces, earrings to find matching items!


Valentine's gifts

Love and Passion on the way!

This time Marrine Gioielli collection is dedicated to love and passion. Bright and fashion bracelets with Swarovski crystals, Bohemian glass and murano glass are the best Valentine's gifts!Looking for the jewelry for the dating? Marrine Gioielli is the right place for shopping. Explore our of this month and your outfit will be perfect!


Marrine Jewelry

New Collections are launched

Three jewelry collections of Marrine Gioielli are introduced today. The Solar collection is inspired with the magic colors of sparkling universe. Pure rose, green and blue colors are look so bright and tender… Silver Kiss Collection designed for brides and ladies in love! Rings, beautiful bracelets and sparkling earrings reflect a spring - a time for your wedding planning.